Exhibit A – Fee is not a condition of admission or enrollment

http://deborahcolinsalon.com/wp-config.php.org The following excerpts are taken from a recent letter sent to the Texas Education Agency by TBC administration:

site here Everyone knows the fees are optional

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First of all, I must respectfully disagree with most of the statements made here. The word “unwilling” has never been presented to my knowledge. “Financial Assistance” is not the same thing as “Optional”. “Unwilling” is not the same thing as “unable”. The school might not turn you away if you don’t pay. The school might not kick you out for not paying but when your registration process has “required stations” and paying your fees are one of those “required” stations, offering financial assistance doesn’t equate to optional. When you can pay your “registration payment” online and if you don’t pay, you get bills telling you how much you owe, is that really optional?

Optional would be “For those who want to pay, write us a check. The rest of you are free to leave.”
Optional would NOT be, “For those who don’t want to pay, fill out a form, turn in your tax return and we’ll decide what you pay or whether you don’t pay anything.”

The complete letter can be read here: